I had the pleasure to first meet and work with Isabel in the context of a Leadership Development Circle in which I participated and which she facilitated.

Her personality and her skills in leading this forum brought me to invite Isabel to become a founding member of the Spanish Conscious Capitalism Chapter, which I have the honour of serving as President. Isabel was also elected by the founding members of the chapter to the Board of Trustees (Patronato) of the Fundación Capitalismo Consciente which we are currently constituting in Barcelona. Isabel has been very supportive in the creation of the Chapter and the Foundation, demonstrating her exceptional communication and leadership skills in many occasions.

I would like to especially highlight Isabel’s qualities as conscious leader, change agent and facilitator of growth and transformations. I personally witnessed how Isabel has been instrumental in driving significant change in individuals and organizations. Her personality and her brilliant facilitation skills allow Isabel to quickly create strong rapport with diverse groups, creating spaces of sincere dialogue, profound personal sharing, creative exploration and commitment to actions