Leadership coaching was an inflexion point in my career development. Becoming a more mature financial professional and finding tools to develop myself in the future.

I was taken out of the box and each session allowed me to observe with eagle eye present situation, relationship with stakeholders, teams and myself.

Most of the time, it was about common sense but people always tend to need someone to tell them in order to realize. The sessions gave me that feedback and taught me how to find the answers.

After each session, I was delighted to learn new things but also motivated to apply those technics. Success is not only about performance, impact on people is key to be a leader.

It is a highly recommended experience which was triggered off in the right moment. I feel motivated to face new challenges and confident to improve in terms of communication, business partnering and strategic view.

Isabel is an excellent professional which enables people to find themselves when lost or stuck. She is able to understand your needs and provide tools to reverse situation. Sessions are very well organized, interaction is fluid and comfortable. Friendly, respectful and trustful professional.